The only materials you need to complete your home evaluation are

  • an iPad or any other mobile device with the magicplan app installed.
  • a Bluetooth enabled Laser distometer or tape measure.

To create your floor plan just complete the following steps:

  1. Watch this instruction video.
  2. Create floor plans using the magicplan app and a laser (or tape measure).
  3. Create a floor plan of the front entrance, hallway, bedroom, bathroom and elevator (if applicable) using the templates provided that best resemble your home.
  4. Delete any rooms you do not need for the floor plan.
  5. Use the laser (or tape measure) to measure each wall length.
  6. Insert objects and doors to make rooms look like your own.
  7. Export the created plans to your rehabilitation institute.
  8. Complete the survey on your iPad.

Instructions for Health Professionals:

  1. Open the floor plan in the magicplan app.
  2. Freeze the walls in the room you are evaluating. To freeze a wall, tap the room twice, then tap "Freeze Walls" at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Select "Insert Object" in the bottom left corner.
  4. Select Mount Sinai.
  5. Insert objects within the floor plan to determine if DME is accessible.
  6. Complete the survey named HCP/OT Mobile App survey on your iPad.

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