With the new AR Room Scan in magicplan 9 for iOS, scanning and capturing a room becomes even easier. magicplan will automatically detect the corners and wall openings for you. Creating a floor plan is now an almost touch-less experience!

Watch this video to see how it works

The following steps show you how the new 3D scan mode works:

  1. To use the 3D scan make sure that the lighting is sufficient and you have disabled Sensor Capture in the settings.
  2. Capture the perimeter of a room by aiming at its corners. magicplan will automatically detect the corners of your room and mark the corner itself. You can of course still mark the corners yourself by simply tapping on the screen.
    If you use an older version of magicplan (before Version 9.0), you capture the perimeter of a room by aiming at its corners and then tapping the button ADD CORNER. Mark corner after corner. Finish the capture by aiming at the first corner again or by tapping DONE.
  3. After capturing all corners of a room, set the ceiling height by aiming at the ceiling. Once you have found the correct height, tap DONE to finish.
  4. Add windows and doors by aiming at an opening. Then tap DETECT.
    The app automatically captures the dimensions.
    Note: If magicplan is not able to detect a window or door, you can manually set a frame and assign an object type.
  5. After a window or door was detected, manually choose the door or window type by scrolling through the carousel.

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