A Business subscription is intended to serve multi-user customers who need:

  • A centralized resource management
  • Integration into an existing workflow

A Business subscription offers:

  • Floor Plan Creation
  • Backup in the magicplan Cloud
  • Amazon Material & Cost Estimator
  • Export as PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, CSV, DXF
  • Access to all objects
  • 3D Renderings
  • Virtual Tours
  • Multi-License Management
  • Object Creation
  • Surveys Creation
  • Custom Material & Cost Estimator

If you have already a Standard subscription, Business functionalities require to upgrade your subscription to Business.

A Business subscription is available from 19.99$ / month.

One Business subscription can only be used on one device. Learn here how you can change that device.

magicplan API
A Business subscription gives you access to the magicplan API. Click here to read more.

A Business subscription gives you access to your data in XML format to import data in your workflow or generate custom reports.

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