With the magicplan cloud it is easy to backup your plans or transfer them to another device. All you need is an internet connection. See below how it works:

  1. Upload a plan from your app to the magicplan cloud. Make sure that you are signed in. To upload plans go to settings, then preferences and set "Back up" to enabled. 
  2. Once uploaded to the cloud you also have the opportunity to manage your plans online.
  3. To view the plans from your cloud on another device open the app and make sure once again that you are signed in. Go to home screen and tap the cloud icon at the top right corner. After that the symbol should turn blue and you are able to see all your plans that are stored in the cloud. 
  4. To download a plan from the cloud to your device tap the three dots of a selected plan. You will be able to see the "download from cloud" icon. After tapping it the plan is stored on your device.

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