But magicplan is more than that. magicplan transforms built space into data – and is your solution for digital furnishing, material & cost estimations, 3D renderings, virtual tours, site surveying, retail, fire and forensic reports, and more. 

magicplan is used by personal users and companies all around the world.

magicplan for Personal Use
• Create a floor plan with ease. Plus: view it in 3D!
• Digitally furnish your home
• Estimate materials & costs for your next DIY project

magicplan for Real Estate
• Create a floor plan with ease
• Wow clients with 3D rendering of properties
• Use magicplan as the most cost-effective tool to offer virtual tours

magicplan for Surveyors and Inspectors
• Create surveys and audits in the contextual environment of a floor plan
• Speed up site surveying with an intuitive capturing process (add notes, photos, questionnaires)
• Generate clear and structured reports with one click

magicplan for Construction / Renovation
• Plan projects with reliable data, based on digital floor plans
• Speed up site surveying and generate clear, comprehensive reports
• Streamline your workflow with fast and reliable quotation

magicplan for Retail
• Create a floor plan with ease
• Add your price list and objects to the app
• Let your customers choose their object digitally – and buy it from your store

magicplan is the ideal app for real estate agents, craftsmen, adjusters, firemen, architects, home inspectors, interior designers, small businesses, furniture retailers, do-it-yourselfers and more.

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