A workgroup helps you to manage your team and its members. Workgroups are assembled with members who have business subscriptions associated with the same account. The administrator of the workgroup is the user who will acquire and distribute the licences, manage and organise the group. Only one user is assigned as an administrator of the workgroup, and can not be replaced. Enter an email and an invitation will be send out to the person you want to add. After accepting it he or she has successfully become a member of the workgroup.
As a member of a workgroup you can access all custom objects, questionnaires and price lists that where created within that workgroup. To start with your own workgroup follow the steps below:

  1. Access the magicplan cloud.
  2. In the top right corner you can find the workgroup item.
  3. After tapping on it you can create and manage your own workgroup.

The workgroup administrator has different options to manage the group. He will be able to see all the floor plans created by the team. He can share plans with team members. Next to that there are some options in the export section of the workgroup. You can unify the export layout and centralize all the exports to one email address.  

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