magicplan is an app with a cloud solution. Here is a brief explanation of the different levels of magicplan. This will help you to find your way around!

Home screen
When you open magicplan the home screen appears. Here you find all your floor plan projects. It’s the place to upload plans to the cloud, duplicate or delete them.

Floor plan level
On the floor plan level, you find an overview of all the different floors of your floor plan.

Floor level
On the floor level, you find a specific plan of a floor. Here you can assemble rooms and view plans in 3D, etc.

Room level
By tapping twice on a room, you access room level. Room level is important for furnishing, adjustments, and the addition of photos and annotations.

magicplan Cloud
In the magicplan Cloud you can back-up, share and manage your plans. The Cloud is the place to manage work groups and upload price lists for customized estimating of materials and costs. Use the Cloud to generate interactive plans, 3D models and virtual tours and publish them on the web.

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